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About the comp

We're launching a global film contest like no other and we want you guys to be involved. With $15,000 worth of prizes up for grabs we’re on the hunt for the best night-time adventure videos on the net. So bust out your light & action cam, start filming and submit your videos to for a chance to win!

What's the brief?

Tell us a story. Show us a feat. Share an experience that will get our juices flowing. We want to see your "No Ordinary Night".

Entries must be:

  • Filmed at night, or in low light
  • Showing epic action, great stories and/or originality. Entertain us with your creativity.
  • Max 2 minutes long

Judging Criteria:

  • Cinematography and Composition 
  • Degree of Difficulty of Shooting 
  • Performance and Style
  • Story

But remember, creativity is not formulaic. The winning video could have the most incredible storyline,, but shot on an iPhone so the cinematography is not so great. Basically don't worry too much..... If it's awesome, it's in.

Competition close date

Competition is now closed.

Judging Panel

We have some esteemed individuals who will be judging your videos including:


What can I win?

We have a bunch of generous sponsors on board — have a look below.

The main prize for the winning video overall will be valued at at least US $5,000!

There will be prizes awarded to each category and heaps of runners up prizes too. We'll even throw in some ad hoc prizes throughout the comp because we're nice :)

Win Prizes such as a Oakley sunglasses, GoPro's, Rapha cycling kit, Burton Travel gear, Timbuk2 backpacks, CamelBak Hydration gear, Ass Savers & Knog schwag packs.

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Who's Knog?

Born in Melbourne Australia in 2002, Knog has grown up to be a leading product design business made famous for bike products, but now making video lights too. Our products are gorgeously geeky. Have a peek at our qudos action light for GoPro and expose smart light for iPhone. Or just look us up and down at

Our lights